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Incredible Superheros

20th February 10-2pm (Ages 4*-7) £30

It’s time for superhero camp! Do you have what it takes to be a super hero? Come and discover your super power, practice with other hero’s, and save the world.

*4 year olds must be in reception. 

Gulliver's Travels Play In A Day

21st February 10-4pm (Ages 7-11)  £41

Want to explore new worlds? Places that people have never seen before? Join Gulliver on his ship to go where no one has gone before. You’ll discover Lilliput and more, that you can share back to an audience at the end of the day.

Play In A Day

22nd February 10-4pm (Ages 11-16) £41 

One Day. One Play. But, we don't know the story is yet, do you? Come and join us in creating your very own story. Using devising, ensemble work and storytelling to invent your very own play in a day. 



Wonderful World of Wonka

8th - 12th April 10-4pm (Ages 7-11) £119

Grab your golden ticket! You’ve got a place to go to Wonka’s mysterious Chocolate Factory. Join Charlie and the other children as you sail down the chocolate river, and step into a world of pure imagination. 

Little Red Riding Hood

15th - 17th April 10-2pm (Ages 4*-7)  £76

We are travelling through the deep dark wood, and who knows what we will find. Maybe they’ll be wolves? Will we make it to Grandma’s house to give her the biscuits we made? Are those big eyes I can see in the forest? Grab your red cape and join us on our adventure through the woods.

4* year olds must be in reception



Under The Sea

24th - 26th July 10-2pm (Ages 4*-7) £76

Grab your snorkel and flippers, as it's time to go deep sea diving and discover what is waiting under the sea. We might find mermaids or sunken ships or singing fish, who knows? We've heard that life is the bubbles under the sea! 

*4 year olds must be in reception. 

Trunchbull's Academy

29th July - 2nd August 10-4pm (Ages 7-11)  £119

There goes the bell and it’s time to be a little bit naughty. Come and join Matilida as she avoids Miss Trunchbull at school, uses her powers to move things away from her brother and Boris eats a lot of chocolate cake.

City of Stars

5th - 9th August 10-4pm (Ages 11-16) £119 

One week to create our City of Stars, come for dancing, singing and acting as we “Start a Fire” with our own version of La La Land. Don’t just be “Someone in the crowd”. Make sure that you are there!  



All of our holiday projects take place on the main stage here at Putney Arts Theatre and end with a sharing of what the group have been working on for families and friends.



Please click here to fill in a registration form, you must make a payment to secure the place. We can reserve a place for 3 days, before payment and we MUST have a booking form. If you have any problems or worries about payment, please don't hesitate to contact the Youth Director, Amy Insole directly (020 8788 6935 - [email protected]), as we are able to organise discounts and assisted places. No child should ever miss out on Group 64 due to financial reasons!

There are limited places on our holiday projects which do fill up very quickly, so please book early to avoid disappointment. 
 Payment can be made by cheque to 'Group 64', in cash, or by card in the office or over the phone 020 8788 6943

We also offer a 10% sibling discount, this also applies if the siblings are each doing a different project as long it is in the same block (ie summer, oct half term) and you book the places together. 

Please note that once a place is booked and paid for we can only offer a refund if the project sells out and we are able to re-sell your place, as a charity we can't afford to make a loss. Thank you for understanding.