Alton, A Place I Call Home

Alton, a place I call home’ is a multi-generational theatre project created and performed by the residents of Roehampton’s Alton Estate. 

Working with Group 64 Theatre Company, residents of the Alton Estate have created an exciting new piece of theatre that offers an insight into the past, present and future of Alton. 

‘Story catchers’ have been collecting a multitude of stories from all over the estate from people of all generations, to show and celebrate the rich culture and joyful sense of community that exists there. 

G64 Directors have been working with children from Heathmere Primary School, along with teenagers, adults and older people, to understand what it really means to be from Alton! 

‘Alton, a place I call home’ will be performed on the Alton Estate and at Putney Arts Theatre as part of Wandsworth Arts Fringe 2023.

Performed at Downshire Field (Bull Green)

Saturday 10th June 2pm

Saturday 10th June 4pm

Performed at Putney Arts Theatre

Sunday 25th June 7.45pm