Group 64 is an inclusive young people’s theatre company based at Putney Arts Theatre. We offer a varied performing arts programme with over 250 young people every week aged 4-18. Group 64 have a wealth of experience delivering high quality drama workshops to young people both in schools and at our theatre. 

Group 64 are offering CPD sessions to local schools. Our director will come and work with up to 30 staff members in an after school session to give an exciting opportunity to develop skills and tools to use creativity to enhance the curriculum.

You can choose one or more of the sessions below, all sessions last 60 minutes.

Using drama to develop creative writing  

This session will give teachers the opportunity to gain the skills and confidence to use drama as an effective teaching tool to spark the imagination and inspire creative writing. We will provide a toolkit of practical drama activities that have been proven to stimulate and excite a class of children in the development of their own ideas and writing. 

Using drama to bring a story to life

The session will give the teachers tools and techniques to use drama to discover a story in an exciting and innovative way. The tools will give the class a greater understanding of the structure, the characters and the joy of getting lost in a story! 

Using drama to find happiness, and celebrate ourselves as unique individuals

At Group 64 the mental health of our young people is at the core of what we do. This workshop will share techniques showing how we use drama to celebrate ways we are unique, promote self esteem and make children know they matter. We will also show teachers our techniques  and activities from our happiness workshops.  

Using drama to understand our emotions 

The session focuses on tools and techniques that use drama to help the class understand, express and regulate emotions. This practical session is packed full of activities to get the class engaged and to build empathy skills and resilience. The activities will encourage the children to share their worries and feelings and give them tools to manage these feelings.  

Using drama to develop positive social and communication skills

This session will give teachers  a drama toolkit to encourage class focus and also help develop social skills and communication with peers, including interacting confidently with peers, speaking loudly and clearly and forming and maintaining relationships   

Using drama to bring poetry to life 

This session focuses on how we can use drama skills to lift poems off the page and bring them to life. By creating movement sequences and adding actions to words, poetry can become more accessible and more easily understood as a result of visual and kinesthetic learning. The session will also focus on how teachers can use different vocal techniques with their students to explore poetry in a dynamic way and emphasising literary devices.  

Using drama to develop techniques for speaking loudly in assemblies/school plays/presentations

Using fun and engaging vocal warm ups and games, this session will provide teachers with a toolkit that can be used time and time again with students to develop skills in speaking loudly and clearly. Activities will include imaginative prompts that teachers can use for ensuring students’ voices reach a far distance and can be heard by all audiences as well as tools to develop skills such as diction and enunciation.

Email [email protected] to book in your CPD session or to find out more information.