Secondary School and Sixth Form Workshops

Group 64 runs an exciting array of workshops for secondary schools and sixth forms.

Our workshops are run by experienced facilitators and directors and can be provided in your school setting, or hosted on our stage at Putney Arts Theatre.

We offer tailor made workshops to suit the individual needs of teachers and their students. They can be designed around any theme or topic of your choice, or we offer the following –

Devising Disco

Suitable for Year 7 – Year 9 (1 Hour) 

This fun and exciting workshop will introduce students into creative ways to unlock stories and characters when devising, all based around creating a ridiculous comedic party scene!

Eventful Ensembles

Suitable for Year 7 – Year 11 (1 Hour) 

How can we build a sense of togetherness in our work? Using our fast-paced drama techniques, we will explore teamwork, spacial awareness, and group dynamics.

Finding Physicality

Suitable for Year 8 – Year 11 (1 Hour) 

Want to build on your physical skills? Do you have a piece of physical theatre you want to make? Group 64 support students in using their bodies to create exciting and dynamic images, perfect for any physical theatre work.

Shadows & Storytelling

Suitable for Year 7 – Year 11 (1 Hour) 

Students can find new and innovative ways of using light and shadow in their storytelling adventures. They will learn how to bring shadow puppets to life and create eye-catching scenes.

Mastering Monologues

Adaptable for all year groups (1 Hour) 

Are your students performing monologues in class, or perhaps you want to help them with their confidence and communication? This workshop is packed full of techniques to help strengthen speaking skills

Jazz Up Your School Production

Adaptable for all year groups (Variable) 

 Our experienced directors can support any school with their production. We also offer the option for schools to perform their show on our very own Putney Arts Theatre stage!

Shake Up Shakespeare

Adaptable for all year groups (2 Hours) 

 Our theatre directors will bring any Shakespeare text to life in a fun and innovative way. This is a great workshop for any Drama or English class wanting to find new ways of approaching Shakespeare.

GCSE & Sixth Form

Practitioners Pack:

Group 64 offer a selection of workshops focused around key theatre practitioners both in the GCSE & A-Level syllabus as well as additional theatre-makers that can support their work

Here are some of our tried and tested practitioner workshops:

  • Building on Brecht 
  •  Sizing Up Stanislavski 
  •  Beginning with Boal 
  •  Activating Atmosphere with Chekhov & Bogart 
  •  Commedia dell’arte with masks 
  • Gorgeously Grotesque: Grotowski and Artaud 
  • Getting to Grips with Gecko 
  • Finding Mie: An Introduction to Berkoff

If your school is exploring a different practitioner or play and would like Group 64 to run a workshop on their theatre making style, please do get in touch. We are always more than happy to research and create an extraordinary workshop suited to the needs of your students

We also offer personalised, bespoke workshops for schools and colleges. If you have an idea in mind and want to discuss your needs, get in contact with Nicola Sterry on [email protected].